International Rail Freight Service from Shanghai Yiwu to Almaty Kazakhstan

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International Rail Freight Service from Shanghai Yiwu to Almaty Kazakhstan

Looking to transport your goods from China to Kazakhstan? Our railway freight service offers a one-stop solution that's reliable, fast, and efficient. We take care of everything from pickup to customs declaration, making sure your cargo arrives at its destination safely and on time. With our extensive network and expertise in the field, you can trust us to handle your transportation needs with ease. Contact us to learn more and start shipping your goods by rail!

Our Service International Rail Freight Service from China to Kazakhstan Door to Station

  • Can arrange container to collect the goods in multiple suppliers
  • One stop shipment to avoild damage and loss. Don't need to re-load or change the container.
  • Have rich experience to fulfill the railway's strict requirement, such as documentary, reinforece, weight, ect.
  • Have warehouses to storage the cargo

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Our Service

Yitong international logistics company promises:

  • Provide professional service
  • Quick reply for you
  • Closely keep in touch with you & supplier ;
  • Closely follow your instructions and full protect your benefits;
  • Keep you informed of any information;
  • Cargo loading at the soonest schedule;
  • Realtime cargo tracking. 


    ● Q: I have cargo in different suppliers. Can you consolidate them into one container?

    ● A: Yes. We can contact your supplier to combine the cargo into one shipment.

    ● Q: We heard that the railway has strict loading requirement. Can you instruct our supplier to do the loading?

    ● A: Sure. We're familar with the loading requirement. Can go to the factory when the container pickup the cargo.

    ● Q: How much does it cost to ship from China to Kazakhstan?

    ● A: Our service is base on door to station. Please send us the pickup add in China for us to work out the freight.

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